Joint Action Plan

A G2G Joint Working Group (JWG) with delegates from European Union and key officials from Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) was convened in September 2019. The JWG builds a common understanding between EU and Indian counterparts of the drivers and opportunities of growth in the urban sector and identifies areas of investment and collaboration. The JWG meets annually to monitor progress on the action plan and chart further course for the India- EU Urban Partnership.

India -EU Joint working Group on Smart and Sustainable Urbanisation

Joint Action Plan
The JWG works in a wide range of policy and governance issues cutting across priority areas based upon the EU Urban Agenda and a Joint Action Plan 2019-2020 on India EU partership for smart and susutaibale urbanisation was signed.

  • - Promoting smart and sustainable cities.
  • - Promoting investments in sustainable urbanisation
  • - Promoting climate action and disaster risk reduction in cities
  • - Developing effective solid waste management and treatment , promoting circular economy
  • - Promoting involvement of European business in sustainable urbanisation
  • - Developing effective water supply and sewage treatment
  • - Innovation in housing
  • - Follow up of the action plan

India – EU Joint Action Plan Acivities